Munkyfun Inc. partnered with Kongregate to bring about another AAA-quality-and-budgeted mid-core strategy game with near future military theme and stylized art direction.

I joined the project as the UI UX designer during mid-development.

By that time, most game aspects were settled and the prototype was functioning in code; however, the UI direction was deemed too “wireframe-like“ and did not meet the art director’s vision; therefore, the art director decided to revamp the UI style.

My responsibilities

  • Working with the art director to ensure the UI style aligning with his vision and the product direction

  • Working with the creative director to understand the product direction and the design goals and needs to better the UX flow.

  • Designing wireframes and revising UI displays to enhance the user flows

  • Setting up and populating all primary UI prefabs in Unity and working with engineers to ensure the correct content and interactions being implemented

  • Setting up UI animation transitions using in-house tools

  • Creating UI elements, in-game illustrations and all the inventory icons.



the game

There are many different features for players to engage with the game play, and I won’t go too deep in the complex combat system and progress system.

The main game flow can be boiled down to: collecting heroes, upgrading them with loots, using them on battle and gradually taking back the world from the evil STORM organization.

Other features helped the players gain more, special or better loots, helped them level up, or rewarded them with loots.



visual design

The UI UX development was inevitably back and forth for this project because of the style revamping.

In order to avoid further style changes and to completely focus on polishing UX, I worked with the art director to fully understood his vision for the style before I moved on.



UI UX refining

Due to the tight deadlines, the responsibility of creating UI mockups was split between the art director and me to speed up the revamping process. For his portion of the work, I would then later refine the mockups during the implementing process.

While most of the screens were rather straightforward except for minor missing information, there were some screens where the designs were not complete even before we started creating for the new style.

I went through a more thorough design process for those screens to ensure the quality of user experience.



ui setup

I also took on the responsibility of setting up 90% of the revised UI screens throughout the game, and worked closely with the Design team and the Engineering team to ensure the final screens with correct and improved content.


ui transitions

I also used in-house animation tools to set up the transition animations for many UI screens.


See more excitement in action, you can download the game!



additional art

I also created all the inventory icons using Maya and SketchUp.

I also did the flats for the home screen.

coming soon!